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I’ve created the Chinese Medicine Review Web site as a place to enlighten people on some of the aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  You can find some of our personal information and experiences by having a look at our About page.

What we hope to accomplish here at Chinese Medicine Review is present a series of articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We will be offering help, information, and maybe suggest a few products pertaining to Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine Review and You

Since you are here, I am going to assume that you have a knowledge of, or are seeking to gain new knowledge about Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The whole topic of Alternative Medicine has been around in China and most of Asia for thousands of years.  And now in recent times, it is becoming of greater interest to the Western World.  I know that even though there are many resources for information about these ancient methods, they are sometimes very difficult to find and if you do find them, they may be difficult to properly understand.  Here at Chinese Medicine Review we will try to present articles and information that is clear and easy to understand.

Chinese Medicine Review – Articles

We have prepared, and are currently working on a series of articles about Alternative Medicine here at Chinese Medicine Review.  We will be adding  those articles as quickly as they are properly edited and invite you to come back regularly to read our recent additions.  To see what we’ve already published, you can click on an article from the drop-down menu at the Articles Page on the Chinese Medicine Review main menu.

Chinese Medicine Review

We already have plans for many articles to post over time.  Here are some of the articles we’re getting finalized for publication.  Some of them are;

Chinese Medicine Review.  Here we take a look at Traditional Chinese Medicine in general and introduce a few of the methods that will be explained in greater detail in additional articles.

Chinese Herbal Remedies.  Ever been to China Town in a large city?  Ever walked past a shop that had this strange odor coming from it?  Then you’ve probably walked past a Chinese Herbal Remedies (medicine) shop!

Chinese Acupuncture.  You know this one.  It’s where some one tells you about sticking needles into their body.  A very basic part of Chinese Medicine that may be the least understood in the Western World.

Chinese Acupressure.  If I had used the word “massage” you would have known what I’m talking about.  But this form of treatment goes far beyond the typical backrub that you may be thinking of.

Chinese Reflexology.  Similar to Chinese Acupressure, but this form of treatment specializes more on total body treatment from the feet.

We do have several other articles currently being edited and will be publishing them when ready.

Chinese Medicine Review – A Little Help

We’re always searching for new information that can be used, however, I don’t think I can find it all.  With that said, I come to my call for help.  If there is particular topic, something that you have knowledge of, please feel welcome to offer your help, information, or tell us about a product you’d like to recommend.  Please Contact us and let us know what help or what services you’d like to offer.  Also, any questions about this – just Contact me.

Chinese Medicine Review – Conclusion

As I’ve said, we will be presenting a series of articles on Traditional Chinese Medicine as we can get them edited and ready for publication.  Through our efforts, we’ll try to continue bringing you the most information as possible.  And, don’t forget to bookmark the Chinese Medicine Review so you’ll find us easily next time!