Chinese Reflexology

Chinese ReflexologyImportant Tidbits About Chinese Reflexology

Chinese Reflexology: In the continuous effort to be healthy and maintain absolute well-being, man have long been discovering and practicing various therapies.  The book of Historical Records from the 2nd century BC cited a famous doctor named Yu Fu in China who was working with treatments that do not involve the use of herbs and acupuncture.  His technique was described as a form of massage whose every stroke was responded to positively by the illness.

Chinese Reflexology – What Is It?

hinese Reflexology is described as a form of alternative medication that involves the act of physically applying pressure to the ears, feet or hands with techniques that involve the hand, fingers and thumb.  Similar to a massage, lotion or oil is used to facilitate movement across one’s skin.  The concept of reflexology is based on a body of belief that the hands and feet have a system made up of reflex areas and zones that correspond to the different parts of the body.

Chinese Reflexology – Qi

Basically, Chinese medicine is based on a number of core principles.  One of them is qi, which is considered to be the life force or vital energy of the human body.  In the same way that the circulatory system paves way for the blood to run through, the body has energy pathways where the qi flows.  Optimal health is achieved when the qi flows properly.

The major pathways of qi are connected to the feet.  Hence, it can be said that the foot serves as the headquarters of the energy pathways in the body.  The reflex points in the feet are connected to the different areas and specific organs in the human body.  For instance, the points underneath the second and third toes of the feet are connected to the eyes with the right feet to that of the left eye and vice versa.  The throat point, on the other hand, is at the very tip of the webbing between the big toe and second toe.

Chinese Reflexology – Points and Techniques

These reflex points can be utilized in alleviating an individual from the different pains currently experienced.  Generally, these points are sensitive to the touch.  They are even more sensitive if the point’s corresponding area in the body is under a disrupted qi flow.  This might not necessarily be obvious in terms of the systems one is experiencing, but there is a higher tendency for someone whose throat point is sensitive to the massage to be experiencing sore throat or any related ailments.  Massaging the reflex points aids in clearing the toxins that affect the flow of energy.

There are different techniques in reflexology.  These include the different points of the hand one can use in massaging such as the knuckles and fingers.  In some cases, a reflexology stick is used.  This is a small stick made out of soft wood.  Other people opt for a small dowel, which works as long as it is smooth.

Chinese Reflexology – Conclusion

Chinese reflexology looks pretty simple at a glance. It seems like something anyone can do.  Indeed anyone can practice reflexology.  However, it is a must for one to go through a thorough training on how this procedure can be done to avoid any unpleasant situations.

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