Chinese Medicine

Chinese MedicineFinding The Right Kind Of Chinese Medicine For Your Health Problems

In addition to the Great Wall and having one of, if not, the most dense population across the globe, China is also known for its different solutions to health issues.  Chinese Medicine involves a wide variety of practices that are believed to have positive impacts on numerous health concerns.  Despite how they involve different tools and utilize varied procedures, they share common concepts that can be traced to traditions that go back 2,000 years or more.

Chinese Medicine in History

The earliest traces of therapy in the areas that now make up China goes back to as early as the Shang Dynasty in the 14th to 11th centuries BC.  There was no specific concept pertaining to medicine at that time, but several oracle inscriptions in bone, tortoise shells and the likes prove the existence of medical problems that the royal family itself had experienced.  They included eye disorders, bloated tummies, tooth problems and similar minor yet disturbing issues.  They were completely attributed to curses and anger of the ancestors.

Chinese Medicine – Yin Yang

Chinese medicine at its most traditional level was based on the concepts of Yin Yang, which involves the presence of two abstract aspects in every situation.  Everything in the universe can be divided into two, and these two actually complement each other.  This concept is actually applied to the human body as well with the upper part and the back belonging to the yang and the lower part to the yin.  It is also assigned to the different functions of the body as well as to symptoms of illnesses.  The yin and yang of diseases pertains to the lack or overabundance of certain elements in the human body.

Chinese Medicine – Herbs and Animal Parts

To deal with the body’s unhealthy state, the Chinese people have found various methods.  These make use of different things that are believed to make significant impacts in the human body.  Chinese herbal remedies are on top of the list of options for eliminating certain ailments.  In fact, plants are one of the most common raw materials used as traditional drugs in China.  They are sometimes used on their own and combined with other materials the rest of the time.  Animal parts that are used as medicines include tiger penis, cows’ gallstones and similar other strange stuff.  In some medicinals, human body parts used to be utilized as well as excreta.  However, most of them are not used anymore.

Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture

Another popular therapy that originates from China is Chinese Acupuncture.  This is considered to be an alternative medication that involves inserting and manipulating needles into the human body.  It is known to prevent as well as treat certain diseases, relieves pain and helps promote overall well-being.  In addition to that, acupuncture can also aid in dealing with fertility issues.  Although there is no direct impact, acupuncture, which is usually combined with herbal medications, significantly improves the functions of the ovaries.  More so, it increases the flow of blood to the endometrium, resulting in a richer and thicker lining.

For those with weight problems, acupuncture is also highly utilized to achieve goals of shedding those unwanted pounds.  The same process wherein thin needles are inserted at certain spots of the skin helps stimulate the body and makes it release more endorphins.  These are feel-good chemicals, which also relieves the human body of pain.  In some cases, a multi-targeted approach is used in weight loss acupuncture.  The strategy used by the acupuncturist is based on an examination of the individual, which is designed to gauge the cause of the excess weight.

Acupuncture also works with smoking addiction.  Acupuncture to stop smokomg focuses on the cravings, irritability, jitters, restlessness and similar other symptoms in smokers.  It aids in the detoxification process as well and helps individuals relax.  The latter lessens an individual’s need to smoke.

Chinese Medicine – Acupressure

Acupressure, on the other hand, is a distant relative of acupuncture.  Although they are based on the same concept, which is why their names sound alike as well, they involve procedures that are different at a glance.  For one, acupressure does not use any kind of needles.  In fact, it does not break into one’s skin but is actually made up of massages designed to target certain points of the human body.

Chinese Medicine – Reflexology

Chinese reflexology is another form of therapy that deals with the pressure points on the person’s ears, hands and feet.  These points are in correspondence with the different parts of the human body.  It makes use of the energy zones in the hands and feet to provide energy to the rest of the system and eliminate pain due to various types of illness.

Chinese Medicine – Cupping

Chinese cupping is another variety of the Chinese massage.  It involves the use of numerous glass cups, which are placed on the body right after a match is lit inside the cup.  The lighted match is removed though before the cup is actually placed on the skin.  The purpose of this procedure is to suck out the toxins, stress and tensions that have accumulated in the system.

Chinese Medicine – Conclusion

These are just some of the most common Chinese Medication and procedures that have gained popularity in the West as well.  Although they seem simple and easy, it is best for a professional and trained practitioner to handle these to avoid unnecessary complications from taking place.