Green Tea and Chinese Medicine

Chinese Green Tea

The Smartest Ways to Use Green Tea

As far as health benefits are concerned, there are not many edible plants or herbs that can give you the close to the number of benefits that green tea has.  It was during ancient times when the Chinese began to use green tea for almost all kinds of sickness and diseases ranging from the common headache or such condition as depression.  Teas can be prepared fresh or dried.  Knowing the countless benefits of using green tea has made people look for more ways to discover its hidden potential as a miracle herb.  Some of the smartest ways to use green tea are commonly known to most of its regular drinkers but some of its benefits are too uncommon and may produce a surprise reaction from those who would like to hear more about this wonder herb.

If you are now dying to know the secret that lies within the leaves of this tea, the truth is that green tea is rich in EGCG which is a dynamic anti-oxidant that is said to be the reason why most Japanese men do not have heart diseases according to a study conducted in 1997 in the University of Kansas about the resveratrol content found in green tea.  Not all teas have the same health giving benefits.  Most teas like black tea and oolong like green tea all came from the plant Camellia sinensis, but not all undergo steaming which helps to preserve the EGCG compound in the leaves to undergo the oxidation process.  EGCG is also found to slow down the rate of cellular degradation or death.  In other words it slows down the aging process.

For those who have not been blessed with genes that give you thicker hair, even in old age, green tea may just be the solution.  We are talking about Matcha green tea to be specific.  Matcha green tea contains antioxidants that are 20 times higher than blueberries.  Matcha green tea is not just something that you add to your mochi for dessert or soba noodles for your next meal.  Matcha, in powder form, is good for your whole body than brewed tea.  The other uses of green tea for your hair is to strengthen it and make the scalp healthier thus your hair grows normally thick.  To begin with, use ground green tea and turn it into powder.  Create a buttery consistency by blending Matcha green powder with vegetable oils or shea butter then apply to your scalp.

Some people might not be aware that, although Matcha is most often thought of coming from Japan, this is not the case.  During the Song dynasty, powdered tea was prepared with the use of a bamboo whisk.  This Chinese tradition died out during the Mongolian invasion.  Japanese Buddhist monks found this traditional tea preparation and carried it back to Japan.  This is the main reason why Matcha green tea was closely identified with Japan rather than its true source which is China.

Green Tea for Chinese MedicineThis year alone health advocates have found that catechins in green tea can shrink cancerous tumors.  For those who might have somehow started to suffer from memory loss, then growing new brain cells can help to improve your memory thanks to green tea.  For those who are growing obese, there is a great demand to slim down.  What you need to win the battle over the extra bulges is to drink at least five cups of green tea a day to burn at least 70 to 80 calories without exerting an effort to exercise.  Whats more, if you add exercise to this formula then you can target the goal of losing a lot more in order to wear your favorite bikini or swimming trunks to the beach next summer!

Fat is blocked out of your body when you drink green tea because it hinders the movement of glucose into your fat cells.  The result is that fats are driven out of your body.  Those who have heart diseases or issues with high blood pressure can seek refuge in this wonder tea.  Bad cholesterol can be reduced by consuming the same amount of tea in a day instead of soda or coffee.  Green tea normalizes the metabolism process of the body, even when you are in your old age.  Green tea can also increase your energy levels.  Thus you have more energy to spare for exercise and other body movements that can lead to a thinner physique.  Remember not to choose green tea prepared with too much sugar because you will not lose weight as expected.

Even if green tea has caffeine, the caffeine content is not as potent as coffee.  If you are concerned about the caffeine found in green tea do not be afraid.  Even if green tea has stimulants like coffee, there is another substance that creates a balance: Amino acid L-Theanine which is actually good for your nervous system and helps you concentrate better.  Green tea does not cause bad breath like coffee.  Green tea has antibiotic effect which is a natural breath freshener.  To get the best kind of undiluted tea, it is better to stay away from green tea that are pre-sweetened.  Green teas from Japan are said to be treated with fluoride.  Flouride is one of the ingredients use for making toothpaste and mouth wash.

Medicinal values of Green TeaBecause of our busy schedule, we tend to get easily stressed out compared to previous generations.  Green tea has Theanine as previously mention, which can calm the body and create a more relaxed frame of mind.  Green tea can help you fight Alzheimer’s disease which is connected to the effects of aging.  For those who might be suffering from diabetes, there is still a way to prevent your body from further internal organ damage because of the effects of diabetes.  Green tea is an anti-diabetic.  It regulates blood sugar levels.  For those who might be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, green tea can reduce the inflammation in your joints.  There are still more uses for green tea that are waiting to be discovered.  Thanks to God and nature that we are blessed with this herb to cure most of the common and not so common diseases.

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